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Reservation and payment

Reservation and payment 목록

  1. 343767fbf0e39a4f87f98d698ac949fa_1481172916_1315.jpg How do I book item/product from Seinustar?

    Once you have created an account and logged in, enter your arrival airport, arrival date and departure date on the first screen and press the search button.

    Please select a product, check the arrival airport, arrival date and departure date, enter the arrival time, and select 'color and size' to reserve.

  2. 343767fbf0e39a4f87f98d698ac949fa_1481172595_0176.jpg How can the renting fee be dicided?

    The usage fee is determined by combining the basic charge and the excess charge.

    The basic rate is based on 4 days and 3 nights, and the excess rate is added every day after 4 days.

  3. 343767fbf0e39a4f87f98d698ac949fa_1481172613_8722.jpg There's no items that can be rented.

    You have reserved the same items for the same period as other customer. Please use other products.

  4. 343767fbf0e39a4f87f98d698ac949fa_1481172687_6018.jpg There's multiple items of the same color and size. Which one should I choose?

    We offer several products with several color and size.

    So, iif there's the same color and size, you can choose any one without any problem.

  5. 343767fbf0e39a4f87f98d698ac949fa_1481172764_8246.jpg Is there any discount for renting within a long period of time?

    There is no special discount for long-term rentals. However, we offer discount coupons to customers who rent for a long time through promotional event. 

  6. 343767fbf0e39a4f87f98d698ac949fa_1481172744_0999.jpg Do I need to specify the exact time of arrival at the time of booking?

    Arrival time must be entered in order to prepare the goods smoothly. However, it is not necessary to enter accurate minutes by minute.

  7. 343767fbf0e39a4f87f98d698ac949fa_1481172798_3625.jpg How the deposit is decided if I have booked multiple items?

    The deposit must be paid according to the number of items reserved. If the items returned are in fine condition, the deposit will be refunded in full.

  8. 343767fbf0e39a4f87f98d698ac949fa_1481172825_637.jpg The deposit must be paid according to the number of items reserved. If the items returned are in fine condition, the deposit will be refunded in full.

    Items stored in a shopping cart can not be booked if another customer made a payment first and the reservation schedule is duplicated. 

    Please reserve another product.

  9. 343767fbf0e39a4f87f98d698ac949fa_1481172858_8889.jpg How can I pay the deposit money?

    The deposit is payable at the time of collection at the airport you have booked.

    Payment can be made by credit card and cash. Only US dollars are available for cash payment.

  10. 343767fbf0e39a4f87f98d698ac949fa_1481172893_372.jpg How do I get my deposit money back?

    After returning the item and confirming whether the item is abnormal or not, we will refund the card at the time of card cancellation (card payment) 

    or cash return (cash payment).

  11. 343767fbf0e39a4f87f98d698ac949fa_1481172943_9276.jpg How do I make a payment?

    You can pay by PayPal account. You can also pay by credit card or debit via PayPal.

  12. 343767fbf0e39a4f87f98d698ac949fa_1481172993_9348.jpg Can I pay by other way beside by PayPal?

    We will apply additional payment systems such as AliPay, WichetPay, etc.

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