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Cancel and change reservation

Cancel and change reservation 목록

  1. 343767fbf0e39a4f87f98d698ac949fa_1481174556_2726.jpg How can I cancel my booking?

    After accessing the Seinustar, click on the item you want to cancel in your order history.

    You will be asked to cancel by clicking the Cancel Request button at the bottom of the order details.

  2. 343767fbf0e39a4f87f98d698ac949fa_1481174620_7924.jpg When will the cancellation be approved?

    Cancellations will be made within 24 hours of the cancellation request, and the remaining amount will be refunded in accordance 

    with the booking refund policy.

  3. 343767fbf0e39a4f87f98d698ac949fa_1481174667_7692.jpg What is the penalty standard?

    When canceled within 5 days from the reservation date, 20% of the reservation amount will be deducted.

    No other penalty will be incurred.

  4. 343767fbf0e39a4f87f98d698ac949fa_1481174708_0696.jpg Can I change the period of use of a rented item?

    Sorry, we can not change the item's rented time. Please cancel your reservation and do re-booking.

  5. 343767fbf0e39a4f87f98d698ac949fa_1481174749_7904.jpg Can I changed my rented items?

    Sorry, we can not change the item. Please cancel your reservation and do re-booking.

  6. 343767fbf0e39a4f87f98d698ac949fa_1481174779_0929.jpg Do I have to pay a penalty when canceling a reservation to change the period of use?

    You will not receive a penalty when you confirm that you have booked another item.

    However, if you cancel your reservation again after canceling, you may incur a penalty based on the first canceled item.

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