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Receipt and return

Receipt and return 목록

  1. 343767fbf0e39a4f87f98d698ac949fa_1481174872_4111.jpg What should I do if I receive a problem (stains/mark and damage) on my received item?

    If there is a problem with a received item, you can receive it on the spot with the same amount or more.

    In addition, we offer additional discount coupon for inconvenience.

  2. 343767fbf0e39a4f87f98d698ac949fa_1481174900_8015.jpg What do I do if the size of the received item does not fit well?

    If the size of the received item does not fit well, you can exchange it on the spot for the same amount of item.

  3. 343767fbf0e39a4f87f98d698ac949fa_1481174926_0426.jpg Do I need to know my reservation number when I receive it?

    You do not need to know it, but you can get your items quickly if you know your reservation number.

  4. 343767fbf0e39a4f87f98d698ac949fa_1481174967_1184.jpg What if I forgot the booking number?

    You can receive the goods after confirming the name and phone number you entered, when you create an account.

  5. 343767fbf0e39a4f87f98d698ac949fa_1481175005_7608.jpg Does it take a long time to return?

    Returning will take about 5 minutes because you have to check the goods for abnormalities (such as contamination and damage) and refund the deposit.

    Because you may be delayed due to customer before you, please be sure to have 2 ~ 30 minutes time.

  6. 343767fbf0e39a4f87f98d698ac949fa_1481175059_6589.jpg What if there is problem with the goods when it is returned?

    If a problem arises with a returned item, a penalty will be added according to the Terms of Service. For more details, please refer to Chapter 5 of the Terms of Use. 

  7. 343767fbf0e39a4f87f98d698ac949fa_1481175089_5993.jpg Is it necessary to wash when returning?

    If there is a normal contamination (which can be erased with washing), return it as it is. In case of serious pollution, return it as it is.

    However, in case of serious contamination, a penalty may be added.

  8. 343767fbf0e39a4f87f98d698ac949fa_1481175116_8906.jpg What should I do with a serious stains/mark?

    It refers to contamination that can be restored by special laundry or impossible to restore to the original.

  9. 343767fbf0e39a4f87f98d698ac949fa_1481175140_6633.jpg What should I do if I lose my product?

    If you lose your product, please contact customer service without delay and follow the next measure given.

  10. 343767fbf0e39a4f87f98d698ac949fa_1481175166_52.jpg What are the penalties for damage or loss of a product?

    In accordance with the Terms of Service, you must reimburse a certain percentage of the cost or commodity price.

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