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  1. 343767fbf0e39a4f87f98d698ac949fa_1481175209_1349.jpg Is it possible to repair a rented item to fit the body?

    It is prohibited to change the design of the rented item or to change the size to fit the body.

  2. 343767fbf0e39a4f87f98d698ac949fa_1481175234_5914.jpg Is it possible to change to another product while using the product?

    If it is not due to a problem with the item, you can not replace it with another item. However, it is possible to replace it due to the problem of

    the product without the responsibility of the customer.

  3. 343767fbf0e39a4f87f98d698ac949fa_1481175265_5254.jpg Can I return the items rented by  courrier/package?

    We do not currently support it, and we will support the service in conjunction with courier service later.

    If it is necessary to return it during use, please contact customer service.

  4. 343767fbf0e39a4f87f98d698ac949fa_1481175288_9014.jpg Are the rented items have to be returned on the airport?

    Currently, it is not possible to return it outside of the airport. As we expand our services in the future, 

    we will arrange a place to return to downtown areas or sightseeing spots.

  5. 343767fbf0e39a4f87f98d698ac949fa_1481175314_9614.jpg What should I do if I have any inquiry?

    You can contact us by phone, email, or instant messenger.

    The phone number is 070-743-5404, email admin@seinustar.com, and the messenger will be supported later.

Customer service
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